Friday, 10 February 2012

Jeremy Lin: #Linning

If you have been following sports,or mainly the NBA, the past week or so, you have probably heard of the New York Knicks new starting point, Jeremy Lin. If not, a quick Google search could tell you, or you can read this. Jeremy Lin, a Harvard graduate, who went undrafted, and had no scholarships to university, is now thriving with the Knicks.
When Lin finished at Harvard, he played in the summer league with the Dallas Mavericks, and then was offered contracts by the Mavericks, LA Lakers, and the Golden State Warriors. He chose the Warriors, but played very limited minutes throughout the season. They waived him in December, then the Houston Rockets claimed him and waived him within 3 days. Late in December, the Knicks claimed him as a third string back up. After finally getting significant playing time at the beginning of February, Lin blew everyone away with 25 points. He was named the starting point guard, and in 2 games, he is averaging 25 points and 8 assists. Lin is gaining huge fan fare, as seen in the signs above. He is a big role model for Asian-American basketball players and immigrants. He is the first Chinese-American to play in the NBA, and the first Harvard grad since 1954. Lin is running the offense in a huge sports market under immense pressure, and is performing greatly. The sports world is full of lots of inspirational stories, and this one is no different. I hope he can keep this up and keep playing at a high level. ...........Update: Lin scores 38 as Knicks beat Lakers! Click here to take survey

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