Friday, 20 January 2012

MLB Latin Scandal

Scandals have been rocking the sports world for years, especially in the US NCAA college ranks, but also in the MLB and Latin players. The problem arising with Latin players, is that many lie of their age in order to be signed for more money when being scouted. Fausto Carmona, or the name he went by in for approximately the last 15 years, was arrested in the Dominican Republic when he went to renew his work visa.
The authorities say that he is actually 31, not 28 as many believe, and that his real name is Roberto Hernandez Heredia. Other players have been caught lying about their age, such as Miguel Tejada or Leo Nunez. These players are feeling pressured to say they are a few years younger when scouts are talking to them, because the younger the player, the larger contracts they would receive. It would be incredibly interesting to see the real ages of all Latin and foreign players. I wonder how many would be caught for lying.

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