Friday, 3 February 2012

Josh Hamilton Relapses

Josh Hamilton, former American League MVP, number overall pick, and current Texas Rangers superstar outfielder, has broken his vow to sobriety and was seen drinking at a bar. When Hamilton was drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (now the Rays), he signed a huge contract, but then got into crazy drugs like cocaine and meth.
In 2005, he started his comeback and played for the Cincinnati Reds. After being traded to the Rangers, he blossomed and showed by he was the first overall pick so many years back. In 2009, reports surfaced that Hamilton had been drinking at a bar, and then pictures, like the one above came out as proof. It is always sad to see athletes get involved in drugs and become alcoholics. The money that is thrown at them is too much. Athletes need agents that care about them, and should go through seminars and classes before they start their pro careers. Hamilton was a hero to many, and a true inspiration. It is tough to see an athlete struggle like this. If anyone remembers back to last season when Hamilton threw a foul ball into the crowd, and a fan, Shannon Stone, reached for it and fell causing death, that must have been tough for him. The fact that he did not relapse then is very impressive. I respect Josh still and I am always pulling for him.

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