Friday, 3 February 2012

Sam Gagner and his Amazing Night

Sam Gagner, a fifth year forward for the Edmonton Oilers, scored 8 points against the Chicago Blackhawks on February 2nd. Even more, he assisted or scored for all 8 of the team's goals. When I heard about this, I initially wasn't that surprised and didn't think much of the achievement. Then the stats came, and I learned that the last player to score 8 points in a game was the Magnificent Mario Lemieux back in 1988!
Over 20 years since, and Gagner tied the club record of points in game with Paul Coffey and some guy by the name of Wayne Gretzky. Gagner was a 6th overall pick in 2007, but had never amounted to an elite player like the team had hoped. His career high of point came in his rookie year, and he has almost declined since. 8 points in one game is an unreal feat, and with 4 goals as well, that makes it more impressive. Gagner will be getting media attention all around Canada (and maybe the USA if they can squeak it in between some basketball highlights), and this might end the trade talk surrounding him. As Darren Pang said on TSN that night, "he thought he was wearing 99, not 89." Sam's last name, Gagner, means "to win" in French. Just a fun thought.

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