Wednesday, 29 February 2012

MLB Playoff Expansion

Reports have surfaced today that the MLB will be making an announcement that the Playoff format will be changed and it will now feature 10 teams instead of 8. There will be two wild card teams from each League, and they will play a one game winner takes all match to see who plays the top ranked team in the league. I think this is extremely exciting news.
It will give smaller market teams a better chance to make the playoffs, and the ratings should go up as well. This could also lead to more Cinderella stories, as well as collapses, and could be a huge success for the MLB. Having 30 teams in the league, it is almost appalling that only 8 could make it before, because the teams with a large budget would always make it Except for certain expectations like the Tampa Bay Rays or the Oakland Athletics (Moneyball)). The Toronto Blue Jays, who look to have a promising team this year, might be able to claim a wild card spot and make the playoffs for the first time since 1993. I am looking forward to the season start and the races for the spots near the end of the year! Keep your eyes open for the official announcement soon.

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