Sunday, 26 February 2012

North American Sports and All Star Games

This weekend, it was All-Star weekend for the NBA. That pretty much means a high scoring game on Sunday with very little intensity and a fun atmosphere. I have no problem with the athletes not playing hard, because they do not want to get injured and are still in the middle of the season. My problem is with the all-star events that take place on Saturday, and also the athletes that choose to not attend all-star weekends.
In the NBA, the main draw is the dunk competition, but this year, the 4 participants were all virtually unknown. Big names keep rejecting to compete in it, and it's near the end. Many star players were in the 3 point shootout and the skills competition, but most just sat court side. Compare it to the NHL All-Star Saturday skills day this year, where every player looked like they were enjoying themselves and having fun, except for Alex Ovechkin, who chose to skip it. Although their game is even more boring then the NBA's, it's for player safety. The NFL chooses to have the Pro Bowl the weekend before the Superbowl, and while the Superbowl players sit out, there can be some intensity, even though it too is not ultra competitive. Baseball's All-Star game for the MLB is the only game with ramifications, because which ever conference (league) win, they get home field advantage in the world series. Some historic moments have happened here because the players actually care. Anyone seen this clip of Pete Rose running in Ray Fosse at home plate? Fosse would be out for the rest of the season with a shoulder injury.
The MLB All-Star game and weekend are great and fun for most viewers. The Home Run Derby always draws some good hitters, but some are deferred by the so-called curse where the player hits less homers in the second half of the season. All players selected to these games should be required to go unless a personal problem arises, or a very bad injury. The only reason that professional athletes make so much money is because the fans are willing to pay for the merchandise and tickets and all other related things. It should be their thanks to us! I like the MLS All-Star game too, because they pick one team with the best players who plays a team from another country, like Manchester United or AC Milan. This is enjoyable for fans who often do no get to see the outside leagues. Take the survey below and tell me your favourite all-star game! 

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