Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fabrice Muamba

Yesterday, March 17th, Fabrice Muamba, a midfielder for the Bolton Wanderers of the English Premier League, collapsed on the pitch mid-game. Apparently his heart stopped for 2 hours, but it was restarted at a London hospital shortly after. Everyone in attendance was visibly shocked as they witnessed the heart attack. Many were seen crying, including some players.
Muamba is critically ill, and doctors continue to work around the clock to help him. There is quite the history of soccer players collapsing mid-game on the field, often leading to death. According to wikipedia, 42 soccer players have died worldwide during a game or from an injury in a game. Since it is the most popular game in the world, the numbers would most likely be the highest. The majority of these deaths are due to heart conditions or heart attacks. Teams need to monitor and test players for possible ailments. The NHL combine tests for these and informs the players, (not sure about Alexei Cherapanov). Lots of these deaths occur in poor countries on poorer teams, so maybe medical treatment and tests aren't common. Lets hope for a recovery for Fabrice!

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