Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Manning, Tebow, and their Future

Peyton Manning has officially ended his free agent search, signing with the Denver Broncos for about $90 Million over 5 seasons on March 20th. This means that Tim Tebow, the often criticized, yet fan favourite, will most likely be traded. The Broncos are taking a huge risk on signing Manning, who has not played in 14 months due a severe neck injury.
I never believed that Tebow could be a franchise quarterback, but many games last year he proved me wrong. I hope he can find a new team and get a shot to be a starter, because he is loved by his teammates and fans worldwide. As for Peyton, although he seems to be throwing the ball great, it does not mean that it will be an easy transition back to the NFL. Can he handle a hit from a linebacker or defensive end, or will it damage his neck and leave Denver with a huge salary. The Broncos made an agreement to Peyton that he will still make the money even if he gets injured. However, at the beginning of each year, Manning must take a physical, and if failed, can be released without financial penalty. He has had several neck surgeries over the past year, including a spine fusion where a piece of metal holds two neck bones together. Some doctors have said his neck injury is nothing to worry about, but I am very skeptical. The 2012 NFL season will have lots of great story lines and I already look forward to it.

Here is a seemingly harmless hit, but could it hurt him now?

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