Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Graham James

                                                                (John Woods/ The CP)
Graham James, a former junior hockey coach who sexually abused teenagers including former NHL star Theo Fleury, was sentenced to two years in prison on March 20th. He was only charged with assaulting two players, but it is reported that there was much more then that. Also, he has the opportunity to get be on parole and be out of jail by the fall!
The hockey world is outraged and wanted a much longer sentence. It does not show a good message that child offenders can get off so lightly. He was sentenced with abusing Fleury and his cousin Todd Holt when coaching them in the 80's. This is way too light of a punishment, and James should be put away for longer. I hope Jerry Sandusky, the Penn State child molester gets more jail time the James.

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