Wednesday, 7 March 2012

PGA Tour: McIlroy and Woods

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It has come to my attention that this past weekend there was a terrific finish to the Honda Classic PGA event held in Palm Baech Gardens, Florida. Rory McIlroy won and took over the world number one ranking, and Tiger Woods finished with a 62 on the day, his lowest final round of his career!
McIlroy won by two strokes over Woods and Tom Gillis, who both finished at 10 under par. Tiger eagled the last whole, putting the pressure on McIlroy who was only up by one on the 13th hole. He had save pars from bunkers and managed to not blow up like he did at the Masters. He is the second youngest player to have the world number one ranking, ironically behind Woods, and this was his thrd PGA Tour win. McIlroy will not be playing again until the nationals on April 4th, and he should be a favourite heading in. With Tiger posting such a low round and playing pretty well this year, it looks like he could be returning to 33 and winning soon. Although he has not won since 2009, Tiger should be seen as a threat to win the green jacket again.

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