Monday, 30 April 2012

Drafts in Sports

As the NFL draft finished tonight, it got me thinking about which is my favourite draft and good and bad elements that each draft brings. There are many comparisons, as well as many differences, and I will outline which one's are my favourite or least favourite. I will focus on the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, CHL, and MLS.
The NFL draft lasts seven rounds with 32 picks each round, but as the draft continues, teams are awarded compensatory draft choices for losing free agents each off-season. As I was watching the draft and following along with twitter, Adam Scheffter of ESPN tweeted every selection before they were made public. Also, right before a player is drafted, they receive a phone call from a team. The TV shows this and it kills the excitement for me. Only certain players are invited to the draft in New York, and they sit in a lounge area, not an arena like some places. When a player is drafted, they are expected to make the team out of training camp, and possibly even start a few games. The top pick is awarded to which ever team has the worst record.

The MLB draft has 50 rounds, and is only on the MLB network. Also, it is held in the middle of the baseball season. Since so many players are drafted, the vast majority of them never make it. Players almost never make their pro debut in the same year they are drafted. Most of this draft is covered online, and then interviews are held. There is no event or night that rookies are invited to join and sit through. Many prospects in the draft are hit or miss and are stuck in the minors for their careers.

The NBA draft is only a two round event which is decided by a draft lottery. The lottery only affects the first three picks, then the order is reverse of wins and losses. All players expected to be drafted are invited, and they receive a team hat when they go up for there slection. This draft also takes place in a lounge-type area.

The NHL draft is possibly my most favourite. It features seven rounds and switches venues each year to a different city's arena. All the players and their families sit in the stands waiting for their name to be called, and the GM's sit down at ice level at tables making their choices. Fans also attend these and are loud and boisterous. When a player is selected, they get to go up to the stage, get a team hat and jersey, and pose with all the team representatives. A draft lottery also benefits one team that can move up four spots.

All drafts are different, but they all give young men a chance to have one of the most memorable nights of their life. I would love to experience an NHL or NFL draft especially.

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