Thursday, 26 April 2012

NHL Playoffs and Violence

As the first round of the NHL playoffs is coming to a close, many people, including experts, are calling this the most violent playoffs they have ever witnessed. There has already been 8 suspensions and even more fines handed out to players by Brendan Shannahan, the so-called hockey sheriff. I have no word on this, but I assume many parents are appalled by these acts of violence and do not want their children watching.
Some acts have been so malicious it look like they is major intent to injure. Every player in the playoffs becomes a hitter, and the already experienced grinders are deadly on the ice. Many people have been complaining on Twitter that star players can escape suspension easily. Shea Weber, who shoved Henrik Zetterberg's head into the glass twice, escaped with a $2500 fine! Weber's yearly salary this past year was $7.5 million, so this fine would have no affect on him. I think this was a brutal attack out of anger and should have resulted in at least a 2 game suspension. Raffi Torres, who committed the hit in the top video, was suspended 25 games because he is a repeat offender. I think the NHL got this one right, and hopefully this dirty player will learn. As the first round is coming to an end and the next one starting, hopefully the playoffs can clean up a bit and everyone can just enjoy some intense hockey!

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