Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Kentucky University: NCAA National Champions

(Chris Graythen/ Getty Images)
Earlier tonight, the number one-ranked of University Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Kansas University Jayhawks by a score of 67-59 to win the school's eighth championship. John Calipari, coach of the Wildcats, finally won his first NCAA championship, and is rumoured to be heading the the NBA next season to coach.
Led by national player of the year Anthony Davis, the Wildcats dominated for most of the game until Kansas cut the lead to 6 with about a minute left. Davis, widely expected to be the first overall pick in the NBA draft this summer, did not score well, but had terrific blocking and rebounding numbers in the game putting up 6 blocks, 16 rebounds, and 6 points. All-American Thomas Robinson of the Jayhawks had 18 points and 17 rebounds in the loss. The win capped Kentucky's season at 38-2, and people began to say they could beat the Charlotte Bobcats in a game. I don't think any college team could beat an NBA team, no matter how good the college team and how bad the NBA team.
After the game back in Lexington, Kentucky at the school's campus, many students were arrested for tipping cars and lighting fires, almost like a small riot. It is not shocking to hear, because almost all of the students living on campus were probably watching the game and drinking while doing so. A couple of drunk idiots wanting to impress others is all it takes. Obviously it is not comparable to the Vancouver riots last June. If Kentucky had lost, maybe it would have been worse, or better, who knows? No word on any problems in Kansas.
Now that Anthony Davis will most likely declare for the NBA draft, will he get rid of his unibrow he is so well known for? I think that he will, but then if he does, people will tell him he sold out.
My March Madness bracket did not look good by the end, but i'm assuming lots of people's also failed. Congrats to the Kentucky Wildcats!

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