Wednesday, 4 April 2012

MLB's Season Opener Fail

Last week, Major League Baseball had two opening games in Japan where the Oakland Athletics faced the Seattle Mariners. That was Wednesday, and now, a week later, the MLB had a second opening night in which the St. Louis Cardinals, defending World Series champs, met the Miami Marlins for a one game series.
The weird thing here is that every other team in the league was still playing spring training games as that went on. Tomorrow, Thursday April 5th, only only 14 of 32 teams play. On Friday, he final 13 teams open their season. Only once Saturday comes does every team play on the same day. I really feel this takes away from the specialness of Opening Night, and lowers the excitement of many fans. The Marlins vs. Cardinals game tonight was dubbed as Opening Night by the MLB, but it actually opened a week earlier. ESPN had reported on their website that April 5th is opening night, confusing people even more. The beginning of a season should have huge importance and get lots of coverage, and I think the MLB screwed up bad. Also, it was barely publicized and marketed, leaving many people surprised there was a game today. The game was aired on Sportsnet in Canada, but apparently not even FOX, ESPN, or the MLB Network did not show it. This is a failure, and hopefully the MLB can learn from it, as well as others sports leagues.

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